Sunday, March 11, 2012

February '12 Commissions!

Here are some commission orders I finished creating in the lovely month of February:

Plush cow cube! I was asked to make a cube version of my pudding cow design by a customer.
Denmark mini ChibiChub plush! This is Denmark a character from the Japanese anime/manga Hetalia. It's been awhile since I made Hetalia plushies. I was a fan, so I used to plushify a lot of the characters and display them at my convention artist alley tables. (His little hat is so cute!)

Norway mini ChibiChub style plush! This one was ordered by the same customer who requested the above Denmark plush.

I was asked to make two smaller versions of the big companion cube commission I did last year.

Another cube commission! This one was for a cube cat of angry Kyo from the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

More info on my custom plush and accessory work can be found here!


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