Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Apartment Plushifying

You may have seen some of my plush Christmas ornaments and toys in my shop. Well, I made extras for myself so I could use them to decorate my apartment. Here's what I did with them: plushifying

My Christmas Elf set (boy & girl), and an assortment of plush christmas presents arranged on my shelf.

Plush angel and human christmas tree hanging out in my mini fake tree.

I have a dangling ceiling lamp above my craft table. It seemed an appropriate place to string an angel.

I placed some Pudding Santa Penguins on my door nobs.

I don't have an artificial Christmas tree, so I just used my everyday fake tree. It gets so dusty; I had to vacuum each leaf before hanging my Christmas plushies on it.

Some of the plushies I hung: Christmas Spirits, Santa Penguins, Christmas Stars, Santas, Christmas Mail, Human Christmas Trees, Angels, Presents, and Elves!

Santa girl in the not very Christmassy Christmas tree. It looks a bit too tropical for Santa plushies, but oh well!

My tradition after Christmas decorating: homemade ginger snaps and tea!


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