Friday, November 25, 2011

Pudding Farm Animal Coin Pouch Collection!

I always have an excess amount of change that never fits it my wallet, so I use a coin pouch. Here's a few using my pudding farm animal fleece appliques. These designs can also be seen on a card wallet collection, and a cell phone case collection!

Pudding Cow eats cold hard cash. She especially likes pennies.

Pudding Pig will eat anything that will fit in his stomach, including change, cell phones, ipods, itouch, makeup, id cards, and transit passes or tokens.


Coin Pouch Pudding Chicken doesn't lay eggs, but shiny round nickles and dimes.

Bawwww~ Feed Pudding Sheep money so she'll grow lots of wool.

The whole coin pouch farm. Let me know your favourite!

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