Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Monsters!

Since Halloween approaches, I thought it was a good time to re-release my Little Monster plushies. I snapped some fresh photos of them, and uploaded them all onto my online shop. There are a few new characters, as well.

Most of the Little Monster characters are residents of a fictional town called Monsterville where creepy creatures and oddballs live together in a mixture of harmony and destruction. 

Little Werewolf Georgie!

"This Little Werewolf just wants some love. Although cuddly, once anyone sees his fearsome teeth or doggy ears they run away, fearing a bite from this cute little pup. But instead of a bit of flesh, he'd rather have a scratch behind the ears."

Zombie Girl Patch!

"Grr... Arg... Bitten by a rabid zombie at a young age, Little Patch now mindlessly roams the streets in search of her own victims. Patch also holds a torch for a certain little werewolf... Shh, it's a secret! Her favourite food is brains."

Little Vampire Felix!

"Although old beyond memory, Felix knows how to make use of modern technology. Unable to bear sunlight, Felix has turned his coffin into a full-out tanning bed! Felix loves girlies, moonlight walks on the beach, and blood-flavoured ice cream."

Zombie Boy Bob!

"Little Zombie Bob is the rabid younger brother of Zombie Patch. After blowing up half of Monsterville a year ago, Bob went incognito as a Human--until he bit off his neighbour's head, and was chased out of town."

The Demon King!

"Mayor and Overlord of Monsterville, the Demon King rules the Terrible Terrors of his town with an iron fist. A master of evil plots, the king is never up to any good. He loves sweets, but don't tell anyone. It's a secret."

Failed Experiment!

"When Monsterville’s king needed a maid, he went to the town graveyard and gathered bits of this and that and sewed them all together. Unfortunately, the King missed a few stitches. Instead of dusting and cooking, the new maid smashed windows and burnt down the kitchen. So Failed Experiment was tossed out and assigned to sweep the gory streets of Monsterville instead."

Demon Bunny!

"Bunny was raised from the depths of a fiery pit by the Demon King to run Monsterville's local grocery store. His fearsome presence combined with his supernatural powers ably control the troublesome patrons of the monster grocery."

Little Alien Zrrnot!

"Zrrnot is from a galaxy far away. He came to share his alien baking secrets with humans, but they captured Zrrnot and started performing experiments on him. Using his psychic powers, Zrrnot escaped and fled to Monsterville where he now runs the town bakery with his helper Gog the Troll."

Little Troll Gog!

"Gog the Troll lives in the bog under Monsterville Bridge where he harvests many creepy-crawlies. Gog enjoys cooking and works at the Monsterville Bakery. His favourite foods include frogs, goats, and pancakes."

Little Red Riding Hood!

"Little Red often walks through the woods outside Monsterville to pick berries and visit her grandmother. She's unknowingly attracted the attention of a little werewolf named Georgie who follows her around in disguise. Don't worry, he's probably harmless."

Little Ninja Yuuta!

"Silent and swift, Ninja Yuuta is a terror to all monsters. Trained in the special secret art of monster slaying, Yuuta has traveled from the mountains of Japan to destroy the infamous creatures of Monsterville."

Now for some group shots!

Zombie Patch is best buds with Werewolf Georgie, but she's recently developed a crush one him. Uh oh! She probably won't tell him though. Zombies aren't good at love confessions.

What story doesn't have a love triangle? While Patch swoons over Georgie, Georgie is off stalking Little Red while she wanders the woods near Monsterville. Red hasn't noticed though since Georgie either hides behind trees, or disguises himself as her Grandma. Girls are probably afraid of werewolves, right?

Zombie Patch, and her ridiculous pyromaniac brother, Zombie Bob. Patch has had enough. Eating brains is one thing, burning down Monsterville and blowing up everything within sight is another.

Roommates! Of course, a zombie, a werewolf, and a vampire live under the same roof in Monsterville. They share a derelict house, that's probably haunted, in the dingiest dingy area of town. This photo was taken during the day, so Vampire Felix is still getting his beauty sleep.

Gog the Troll and Alien Zrrnot run the Monsterville bakery. You'll find some rather unusual treats there since Zrrnot's recipes come from outside the Milky Way. They're probably more delicious than they look. Gog likes human pancakes, so Zrrnot has fried some up for breakfast.

(The pancakes have faces! Alien super cooking powers, or did I just use my Happy Pancake keychains as props?)

A probably epic battle between archenemies, Demon King, mayor of Monsterville, and the monster slayer, Ninja Yuuta. Yuuta is constantly trying to thwart the creatures of Monsterville, but they're more crafty than they look.

And there they are! Each plush is attached to a keychain so they can decorate bags, rearview mirrors, etc. There's a few more characters I'm brewing up, too...
I'm working on an online photo comic with my Little Monster set. I have a few stories planned already, so I'll try to post the first strip as a Halloween treat.

Are there any other monsters or creatures you'd like to see move into Monsterville?


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