Monday, September 26, 2011

Pudding Bird Keychains!

Pudding Birds! Each bird is made of fleece, stuffed with polyfil, and has a removable ball keychain attached, so they can decorate keys, hang off bag straps, review mirrors, door handles, etc. The birds come with their own name tag and story printed on the reverse. They are:

Pudding Robin:

"Pudding Robins live in pudding gardens where they grow plump on pudding worms and insects. Robins have a sweet tooth and love pudding fruit cake."

Pudding Bluejay:

"Pudding Bluejays live in pudding forests and pudding parks, eating various tidbits, such as pudding acorns, grains and berries."

Pudding Chicken:

"Pudding Chickens make tasty snacks fried, baked, or boiled. If placed in a coop, they'll lay pudding eggs which are also delicious--fried, boiled, or raw."

Pudding Duck:

"Pudding Ducks like to swim on pudding ponds where they eat various pudding creatures, grasses, and greens. Delicious in Pudding Duck Soup."

Pudding Penguin:

"Pudding Penguins live in the icy pudding north, buried in deep pudding snow. They keep their pudding scarfs tied tightly around their pudding necks to keep from catching a cold."

Pudding Crow:

"Pudding Crows are very intelligent and enjoy playing pudding tricks. Their favourite pastime is waking pudding people from sleep with a loud pudding, caw caw!"

Pudding Pigeon:

"Pudding Pigeons feed on pudding scraps heckled from pudding people living in pudding cities. One day, Pudding Pigeons hope to rule the whole pudding world..."

Pudding Turkey:

"Pudding Turkeys are delicious for pudding Thanksgiving dinner with pudding stuffing. They're also tasty in pudding sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. Wild Pudding Turkeys like to gobble gobble nuts, seeds, and even salamanders!"

I named these little guys Pudding Birds because their gloopy shape reminded me of pudding. I hope you like them!
Do you have a favourite bird?

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